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Today, the competition has increased significantly, unfortunately quality has made the bottom. The main reasons for this are the low price instead of quality in the products brought from abroad and the fact that there are many tools during the transportation of the product to the consumer.

The first activities of Tuzmar started in 1994 as HIS Foreign Trade and carried out many successful projects. 


Special Himalayan Salt 200gr With Mill TM-016

Special Himalayan Salt TM-016

Thyme 15gr TM-001

Thyme TM-001

Rosemary 30gr TM-002

Rosemary TM-002

Pink Himalayan Salt 200gr With Mill TM-017

Pink Himalayan Salt TM-017

Anise 50gr TM-003

Anise TM-003

Himalayan Salt 100gr With Mill TM-019

Himalayan Salt TM-019

Pink Himalayan Salt 100gr With Mill TM-020

Pink Himalayan Salt TM-020

Fennel 35gr TM-004

Fennel TM-004

Sumac 65gr TM-005

Sumac TM-005

Special Himalayan Salt 250gr TM-024

Special Himalayan Salt TM-024

Pink Himalayan Salt 250gr TM-025

Pink Himalayan Salt TM-025

Cumin 50gr TM-006

Cumin TM-006

Mint 20gr TM-007

Mint TM-007

Special Himalayan Salt 500gr TM-026

Special Himalayan Salt TM-026

Black Pepper With Mill TM-018

Black Pepper TM-018

Special Turkish Salt With Mill TM-022

Special Turkish Salt TM-022

Special Turkish Salt 100gr With Mill TM-023

Special Turkish Salt TM-023

Black Pepper 100gr With Mill TM-021

Black Pepper TM-021

Pink Himalayan Salt 500gr TM-027

Pink Himalayan Salt TM-027

Thyme 1kg TM-008

Thyme TM-008

Grinden Himalayan Salt 25kg TM-028

Grinden Himalayan Salt TM-028

Rosemary 1kg TM-009

Rosemary TM-009

Grinden Pink Himalayan Salt 25kg TM-029

Grinden Pink Himalayan Salt TM-029

Anise 1kg TM-010

Anise TM-010

Granule Himalayan Salt 25kg TM-030

Granule Himalayan Salt TM-030

Fennel 1kg TM-011

Fennel TM-011

Granule Pink Himalayan Salt 25kg TM-031

Granule Pink Himalayan Salt TM-031

Sumac 1kg TM-012

Sumac TM-012

Cumin 1kg TM-013

Cumin TM-013

Salt Lamp TM-032

Salt Lamp TM-032

Salt Soap TM-033

Salt Soap TM-033

Mint 1kg TM-014

Mint TM-014

Bay Leaf 1kg TM-015

Bay Leaf TM-015